Commercial Diving

K-Dive is among the world’s most prominent integrated subsea and offshore solution providers. Its Diving & Life Support division is a leading manufacturer and supplier of deep sea marine and commercial diving & life support equipment to the oil and gas industry.marine

As an internationally recognized integrated subsea and offshore solutions provider, K-Dive’s Diving and Life Support division manufacture and supply a wide range of commercial diving equipment to the oil and gas industry.

Our extensive range of commercial diving equipment features our very own designed and manufactured air, mixed gas and saturation diving equipment. We also produce and supply certified man-rider winches and marine winches as well as a range of specialised subsea rigging equipment.

Being an innovative and responsive subsea and offshore solutions provider, we can provide bespoke and off-the-shelf commercial diving equipment for a huge range of client requirements in the oil and gas supply chain.

Scope of Services

We provide a range of commercial diving services, which are detailed here:

  • Production of new equipment, including conceptual and detailed mechanical and systems design.
  • Mechanical systems design and project management of the following: Underwater systems and submersibles.
  • Process plant equipment, including chemical process engineering.
  • Medium, high and ultra-high pressure systems.
  • Specialized valve design and development for the nuclear, process and aerospace industries.
  • High temperature systems
  • Consultation, integration and operational safety of hyperbaric medical equipment.
  • In-house fabrication, assembly, commissioning and certification of all pressure vessels (to ASME VIII and PD5500) and handling systems, control systems and ancillary equipment.
  • Refurbishment of existing and newly acquired equipment, up to and including on-site commissioning.
  • Comprehensive project management services.
  • Planned and break-down maintenance, both at base as well as on all deployment sites.
  • Technical and safety audits of systems to international codes and standards of practice (IMCA, DNV, and Lloyd's Register).
  • Certification of systems and equipment to international codes and standards under a DNV accredited ISO 9001 system.
  • Complete integration with our clients' existing equipment and management databases, documentation and control systems.